Thursday, October 15, 2015

Homeschool Goals and Achieving Them

At the beginning of this year I was determined to make this a successful school year.  I cleared my schedule so that my mornings were free (also asking close friends that live nearby to not call or stop by in the mornings).  This is my ninth year of homeschooling, and I have come to realize that I need to consider it my full-time job.
One of my goals this year was to incorporate reading aloud to my children.  It took several months for it to become routine, but we finally got it!  I now read every school day to my children, and often Cody has the books ready for me.  Yay! for achieving goals!!
So everyday we read from either our History (M-W-F) or Science (T-TH) books,  we read a chapter or two from a book (currently we are reading about the Wright brothers), and then we read a chapter or two from the Bible.  Roughly this takes about an hour.  This makes our school day a bit long, but we are learning so much together.  I wouldn't give up this time for anything.
While I read, the kids draw.  They draw something from the story I'm reading or they just draw whatever they feel like drawing.  They really enjoy this time.
Cody is the one who suggested we add reading the Bible to our routine.  "I want to learn more about God," He said.  Who am I to argue?!!
We are in the last term of the school year!  As we are finishing up our books and curriculum, I'm starting to plan for next year.  I just love looking at homeschool curriculum, new books are so much fun!
Here's to finishing well!

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