Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Field Trip - Tindal Caves

I've been a bit slack lately documenting our homeschooling.  I recently started working on our portfolios and often come back here for dates, and realized I've missed so much!
Last week we were able to visit the Tindal Caves (again!).  Tindal Caves is next to Cutta Cutta Caves. Tindal Caves are private caves and you are only allowed to go in when  you have a Park Ranger with you.  We've gone a few times with the Junior Ranger program, and Ranger Clare offered to take the homeschoolers.   Ranger Clare, as always, did an awesome job with the tour. 
We had several homeschooling families attend, I think this was our biggest excursion so far!
Because we had so many people (noise!), we weren't able to see any live animals.  The last time we went there was a snake on the handrail next to where Ranger Clare is standing in the photo.
At the back of the cave, Ranger Clare shared a beautiful story reminding us to be thankful of this great land we have hear and all the beauty it withholds. 

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