Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Family Holiday (Part 2) - Alice Springs

We had a good trip down, and enjoyed the changing scenery from tropics to desert.  Here are some photos of our drive to Alice Springs.

Cody said he wanted to have lunch in the middle of nowhere,
this was pretty close!
There is a stretch of the Stuart Highway that has an open speed limit.
We didn't try it out, here's why...
We arrived in Alice Springs around 1pm on Monday.  We didn't make any definite plans for the trip, we just picked up a bunch of travel brochures and played it by ear.  Holidays are more fun that way.
Here are some photos from Anzac Hill.
You an see the McDonnell Ranges in the background.
Gorgeous views all around.
Our hotel.  I love that they give Territorian discounts!
A little treat they left us.
I'm a little jealous of their shopping trollies,
and that they had 2 grocery stores!
More photos to come.

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