Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Playing Catch Up

This blog has been my way of chronicling the events of my life.  I have used this to help me scrapbook.  I often go back when trying to remember an event.  But, alas, time does not allow me to keep up as I would like.  So here is a big hodge podge post.  Enjoy.
A little family holiday in Darwin.
Did a little bowling!
A sunset is one of my most favourite things.
Another sunset, this one at the Katherine Gorge.
A boy and his dog.
It's finally getting cooler at night, hence the hoodie.
Celebrated one year at my job.
Spent an afternoon at our local Aged Care Facility.
My kids really enjoy going, and it always puts a smile on the resident's faces.
We got some goodies from America!
And a little homeschool get together.

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