Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Borella Ride

This week The Borella Ride is being re-enacted in the Northern Territory,
and this past weekend they were in Katherine.
On Monday they had a special event for the schools and invited the homeschoolers.
The kids enjoyed the horse show.
This horse had such personality!
I didn't take any photos of the display, but they had lots of items from the early 1900s like a typewriter, Singer sewing machine, wash basin, record player, military uniforms, guns, etc.  It was interesting to learn about Albert Borella and the incredible journey he took just to enlist in the Australian army.  Albert Borella is just one of 100 people who have received the Victoria Cross, which is the highest honour given by the British Empire.
We got to meet Albert Borella's son and grandson.  His grandson, Richard, is following in his grandfather's footsteps and taking this journey and re-enacting the Borella Ride all the way to Darwin. 
There is some great education resources on the website as well.  Click here.


Afterwards we got to watch them pull out of Katherine on a horse drawn buggy heading to Pine Creek.  I loved the history, and the kids enjoyed learning as well.  A fun day off school for sure!
They are also documenting the journey on youtube.

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