Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Trip to America ~ Part 7 (Grand Finale!)

7 seems like a fitting number!  Before we left my dad hosted a going-away party for us. 
These are all our "last" photos with everyone. 
Cody with Uncle Jason and Uncle Josh
Autumn with Uncle Josh and Uncle Jason
Feel the love!
My turn!
My dad and his selfies!
Dad, Craig, me, and Jeff
Uncle Rick, Aunt Joann, and my dad
With Jeff and my mom
Jeff and his girlfriend
Jeff sneaking a hug.
Me and Uncle Rick
And now here are some odds and ends.
(Sorry, if I throw in a double.)
Patrick's last Dunkin Donuts
From the time we left my dad's house to the time we arrived at our home was 40 hours.
We were gone for 6 weeks, which may seem long, but it flew by.
I'm so thankful we had this trip.  It was relaxing, refreshing, and encouraging.
Hello, Darwin!
Then a 3 hour drive home!

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