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Clued In Kids {TOS Review}

Clued In KidsReview
Here is a fun review we recently did for Clued in Kids!
We reviewed the Winter Treasure Hunt (PDF) and the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt (PDF).
They are $5.99 each.
These treasure hunts are great for kids 4 and up.
Clued In KidsReview
The Winter Printable Treasure Hunt has 12 clues that you search for throughout your house.  Since we have had temps hitting over 100F, this was a welcome relief to pretend it was winter...we had to try hard to pretend it was cold outside (it helped us prepare for our trip to America coming up!). 
My kids enjoyed this treasure hunt.  My six year old couldn't answer many of the questions to find the next clue (some you have to read, unscramble words, or answer a few easy multiplication problems), but my 11 year old helped involve him as much as possible.
They enjoyed running around the house to find the next clue.  And they especially enjoyed their treasure...
A trip to McDonalds and the pool!
Pretty fun reward for a Winter Treasure Hunt!
Clued In KidsReview
The Thanksgiving Printable Treasure Hunt also has 12 fun clues to follow throughout the house.  The clues had questions all relating to Thanksgiving.
This treasure hunt my 11 year old wanted to do on her own as she is very big into Nancy Drew at the moment.  She took it as her own mystery to solve.  She enjoyed answering the questions, solving the quizzes, and so on to learn where the next clue was.  The entire treasure hunt took about 10-20 minutes.
Each Treasure Hunt comes with the 12 clues, there is instruction on each one where to hide it, and a cheat sheet in case you forget!  The clues we had were hidden in places like our pantry, with the shoes, in the washing machine, with our bikes, on a bookcase, etc.  It didn't take me long to hide the clues, and the treasure hunt took my kids 10-20 minutes, depending on how hard I hid the clues.  :)
These treasure hunts would be great for slumber parties, birthday parties, playdates, or just alone with your kids like we did.  There are lots of different treasure hunts to chose from, from seasonal to nutritional-based to education-related.  You can order just the printable treasure hunts and supply your own treasure, or you can buy treasure hunts that come with the treasure! 
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