Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Tour of Our Home...

The Baptist Missionary Women blog is doing a fun blog hop with tours of the homes of women living all over the world.
Let me share first how God supplied this home for us.
We knew the Lord wanted us to move to this town.  As we began looking for a home to rent, our friend's who had recently purchased this house offered to rent it to us.  The previously tenants were moving  out the same time we were planning to move.  After moving in, we had such peace that this is where God wanted us long-term.  We approached the owners, and asked if we could purchase it.  They were interested in selling.  So now we are in the process of purchasing this home.  The best part is that it is commercial property, so Lord willing, we would like to build a rescue mission on our property and use it for ministry.  Please know as I show you these photos, that God deserves all the glory for it's His in the first place.
Welcome to our home. 
The entrance is the gate there on the left.

This is our front yard.  We have 1/2 acre of property!

This is my husband's garage where he takes side jobs.
He's a mechanic as well. 
Come on upstairs!

This is our living room and dining room.
(Its a panorama photo, so it's a bit deceiving how big it looks!)
Our dining table is also our homeschool room.

Our kitchen
Where the trash can sits, there is now a dishwasher!

Here is the right side of the kitchen.

And the left side.

Our piano sits in the hallway.
The hallway.
(Bookcases are temporarily here while we redo the living room.)

I didn't have a chance to take photos of the kid's rooms. 
They're a bit scary anyway!

My bedroom. 

Back outside, you may find a little boy working on his boy scout skills.

And here is another photo of the front from when we had a church fellowship here a few months ago.  I just love the amount of property we have.  God is so good!

Here is a view of the backyard where we plan to put the Rescue Mission.

Thanks for stopping by!
Please go over to the Baptist Missionary Women blog and see other homes from around the world!


Charity said...

Love your big wonderful yard! Yards mean so much more to me now than ever! Love the home, too. God has been very good to you, sis!

Rachel said...

Nice place! Roomy, clean, and organized.
I love all the counter space in your kitchen.
God has blessed you with a wonderful house and yard. So exciting to hear what your plans are to use it for His honor and glory.
Thanks for the tour!

Lou Ann Keiser said...

So fun to see your house! Thank you for opening the doors for us!

Charity said...

Such a beautiful home! Love the yard!

Kim said...

You have a lovely, spacious home.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! Love your idea for a rescue mission. We also school at our dining room table for now, but hoping to change that soon. :)

Mr & Mrs John said...

Cute house, Jen! My favorite, though, is the yard! Oh, how wonderful to have so much grass!