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HomeschoolPiano {TOS Review}

Homeschool Piano Review

Are you looking for piano lessons for your homeschool?  Are you looking for a way to pay just one set price?  Would you like your children to learn at their own pace and in the comfort of your own home?  Well, I may have found a solution for you - HomeschoolPiano.  HomeschoolPiano is a great online resource for children of all ages and for all levels of piano knowledge and ability.

I was given a lifetime subscription (for up to 5 students) to HomeschoolPiano - Complete Set of Books

It is a very easy to use website.  We have the website saved in our favourites and the login info saved, so we just click and get started!

There are three units and each unit is split into six lessons with each having a bonus lesson.  Each lesson is about 5-10 minutes long, and you have practice time afterwards.  My daughter was able to do more than one lesson at a time because of the shorter videos, and moved on as she understood the new concepts that were taught.  Your child can move through the lessons at their own pace, and easily repeat a lesson if necessary.  There are also quizzes to help see how well the child is understanding the new concepts.

Each unit has an accompanying PDF book that you can print off.  They are referred to often, so I highly encourage you to print them off.  I put ours in a binder, but have seen others have had them spiral bound which I like better.

To give you an idea of what you learn during a lesson.  In unit one you learn how to properly grab the piano keys, quarter notes and rests, rhythmic vocalization, and much more.

homeschool piano lessons

Their method follows a 6 step cycle: technique, rhythm, ear training, reading music, song, and improvisation.  This six step cycle works with the National Standards for Music Education.  If you are at all interested in this program, I highly recommend you follow that link and read more about the 6 step cycle.  I tried to do my own explain of it, but they do a way better job as I don't know all the technical words.  :)

If your child has never had lessons you just start on the first lesson.  My daughter skipped through a bit until we found a lesson with new concepts.  This didn't take much time, and gave us a good grasp of how the program works.

I like how the video shows the teacher's (Willie  Myette) hand placement on the keyboard.  We would put our iPad where the music books go on the piano and my daughter could easily follow along.  I felt the teacher spoke in an easy to understand manner, and didn't use over complicating words.

Homeschool Piano Review

What you will need for this online course...
- a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone
- a keyboard with at least 61 keys
- the books you print off from the website

Sign up for a free lesson!  Click here.

Homeschool Piano Review

I think the only downside to this program is that you do not have a live teacher being able to pick up any mistakes that are made.  I can read music and play piano, but I'm not very good and missed a lot of theory.  My daughter has had lessons off and on the past few years as we were able to find a piano teacher wherever we were living, so she has some foundation.  She enjoyed this because she could do it at her own pace and because we're on school holidays, she did it whenever she was in the mood to do it.  Which was more often than I had anticipated!

HomeSchoolPiano has two payment packages and the pricing is as follows:

1. Success Package (One payment of $299)
Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.

2. Payment Plan (Payments of $99.97 per month for three months):
Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.

Depending on what you have had to pay for piano lessons will determine if you think this is a reasonable price or not.  Because it is a lifetime membership and can be used for up to 5 children, I think it's quite a good deal, as long as you have children interested and can work independently.

We plan to continue using this program and as we start back up from our mid-school year holidays I plan to start them with my son, and also hope to learn a bit myself.

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