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Veritas Press OT/Egypt {TOS Review}

Veritas Press Review
After doing reviews like this one I am just so thankful to be a part of the Old Schoolhouse Crew Review.  I hope that I have been able to help you in showing you new curriculum.  There is so many wonderful educational companies out there!

Veritas Press is one of them. We've had the privilege to review Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Old Testament and Ancient Egypt.  The Self-Paced History Courses are from grades 2-6.   It is recommended that the student be a minimum age of 7 on the first day of class. 

We were given a full year's access ($199.00) to the history level of my choice, which was Old Testament and Ancient Egypt.  We also received the accompanying flash card set ($19.95).

Veritas Press is based in Pennsylvania (my home state!) and uses a classical Christian educational approach to learning.  They believe that Christian education is the best way for children to reach their full God-given potential, and I heartily agree!  This is a brief article they wrote called Why Choose a Classical Christian Education.  After this course, I am reading more into this approach, and am thinking of ways to incorporate it into our current curriculum.

Veritas Press ReviewVeritas Press Review

My 11 year old daughter did this course.  This product is all online (with the exception of the flash cards).  I loved the simplicity of the website that she could get online and complete the lessons throughout the week without my help (other than initial set-up).  This means little to no prep work for me!  Her lessons are marked so I know where she is each time I check.  The tests are all taken online as well, and records are kept for me!

There are 160 online lessons.  Each lesson is led by Simeon, who is dressed in Biblical costume.  He makes the learning fun along with the Great Sphinx!  The lessons are full of fun games, stories, live actors, and great video footage.  There is a fun theme song that helps you remember the events in chronological order.   They stress the importance of learning events, dates, names, etc. which I love.

I will say that this is not normally in our homeschool budget, but I'm really considering it for our next school year.  Autumn really loved it and although Cody is only 6, he often sits and watches with her.  You will want to check your computer's compatibility here.  I found that Google Chrome worked best for us.  We don't have the best internet, but we rarely had loading issues. 

I think the only complaint we had was with some of the art on the flashcards.  For example, they have this photo of The Flood by Gustave Dore` which my daughter didn't like to look at.  We did discuss, but she quickly passed by this one each time. 

There are five self-paced history courses available:
-Old Testament and Ancient Egypt (we did this one)
-New Testament, Greece and Rome
-Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation
-Explorers to 1815
-1815 to Present
Tuition for each course is just $199 and they offer a sibling discount of $100 off.

Interested in learning more about Veritas Press, check out their social media:

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