Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cutta Cutta Caves, Katherine, Northern Territory

Yesterday we went to Cutta Cutta Caves with some other homeschoolers in our area.  Cutta Cutta means a place of many stars.  When a word is doubled it means place of many.  The indigenous people believe the stars would go down into the cave during the day (because when light shines on the crystal formations they sparkle like stars) and explode into the sky at night. 

We had 4 families go along.  One was a new family we recently met whose son is in scouts with Autumn.  It was lovely to get to chat with the other mums before we began the tour and some of the mums went out for coffee afterwards.  It's just nice having that support system and being able to talk to people who understand.  In our tour group was another lady who came just as a tourist, she got to chatting with the homeschoolers.  Turns out she is planning to homeschool in the future, and was thrilled to meet up with us.  Here are a few photos of our tour.

The walking path to the cave.

Going down into the cave.

Poor Cody fell on the path to the caves and got a big cut on his hand and knee.
Uncle Jeff carried him since his knee was hurting.

Even though it's the dry season there was some water droplets.

Exploring on the way back.  One of the kids found a cool spider web.

Our group minus the two taking photos.

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Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

You took some awesome pictures.