Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Donate Your Hair

I remember as a young girl my aunt would grow out her hair and then cut it off and donate it for it to be made into a wig for someone who had cancer.  Almost two years ago, the mom of one of my closest friends died of cancer.  My friend's mom was one of the sweetest ladies I ever met.  She was a nana to many kids, including mine.  Around this time I had already started letting my hair grow, but made the decision to let it grow long enough to have it cut and be able to donate it.

My husband liked it long as well, but recently I was getting tired of it, and mentioned a few times that I wanted to cut it.  Recently he saw a photo of me with shorter hair and said "you ought to get it cut like that again".  Yay!  So, I went in today and  had 25 cm (10in) cut off.  (Please know he wasn't forcing me to keep it long, he just liked it that way, and I like to make my husband happy.) 



I will be sending it off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths here in Australia.

Here are the requirements:
- Minimum of 20cm
-No dyes, bleaches, or chemicals
-No more than 5% gray

For the cut:
-Clean, shampoo and/or condition your hair
without any styling or hairspray products
-Once hair is fully dry gather hair in ponytail (make sure the elastic is tight),
and cut just above the pony tail.  I would put an elastic in the middle as well,
any hair not in the ponytail will not be included in the donation.

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