Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Food Bank Ministry

Here is a photo of the beginning of our food bank ministry.  We started about 3 weeks ago, and have delivered food to about 30 people (including their families).  We have given out 'voucher cards' to a social service organization, they have people coming to them seeking help.  This organization will do an assessment with the person, and if they feel it's needed they give them one of our voucher cards.  We get a call with a name and address, then deliver a bag or two of groceries to them.  This gives us an invitation to their home!  We've had many opportunities to talk with people and invite them to church. 

Last week I had a call with these instructions: meet us by the river, under the tree, across from the pub.  It took me a few minutes, but I found them.  :)  They were a sweet indigenous couple.  They shared with me that they live down by the river in a tent and even had a pet turtle.  They were looking for work and hoping to be in a house soon.  What a privilege to give them a bag of groceries and invite them to church.  Please pray for this ministry!

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