Friday, March 14, 2014

The Australian Scouts - Autumn prepared for action and adventure.

Autumn joined our local scout group.  Here the scouts include boys and girls.  The kids here take the scouts seriously, and the team effort is amazing.  This past week she was invested.  Which means she's an official scout.  She received her scarf and badges, and can begin earning other badges.  She has already learned a series of knots, and is looking forward to their first camping trip.  Because we won't let her go camping without one of us, Patrick "has" to go along.  He's looking forward to it, too.

Another bonus to this is she has been praying for opportunities to witness, and she will have plenty here.  Please pray she will have the boldness to share God's love with those around her.

Cody will be invested into his scout group - the joey scouts- on Monday, so I'll post those photos then.

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