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Motivated Moms App- TOS Crew Review

Motivated Moms Review

Motivated Moms ReviewI am enjoying being part of the TOS Review Crew.  It's been fun to review different homeschooling products with the kids.  This review though was for moms!  Motivated Moms is a great chore planning system to help you get your home cleaned and organized, and then stay that way!  It's available through an ebook or through an app (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Andriod). I have my iPhone with me most of the time, and love using my apps to make life a bit easier, so I chose to review the Motivated Moms app.

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

Corny, I know, but I think of that saying often when I see overwhelming tasks that I don't want to tackle, like housework.  Motivated Moms helps you take that one bite out of housework at a time.

Are you struggling to remember or even find time to clean your light fixtures, clean the fridge, change the AC filters, or whatever odd jobs that often get forgotten?  Need help in the organization department?  This may be what helps you get your head above water. I feel that I'm quite organized when it comes to my housework, but I will admit that the light fixtures were cleaned when we first moved in 3 months ago, and haven't been done again until it appeared on my Motivated Moms chore schedule.

To give you an idea of a daily list, here is what is mine will look like tomorrow (Wednesday, March 5):
  • School with Autumn
  • School with Cody
  • Read Joshua 22-23 (although I don't follow this program, I do check it off after I've done my scheduled Bible reading)
  • Make beds
  • Feed pets (this is color coded for Cody)
  • Clean bathroom sink and mirror (this is color coded for Autumn)
  • Sweep kitchen and entryway
  • Clean kitchen sink
  • Clear/wipe kitchen couters
  • Plan/cook dinner
  • Empty trash
  • Laundry
  • Read to children
  • Quiet time
  • Take vitamins/medication
  • Change hand towels in bathrooms
  • Dust children's/guest room(s)
  • Change a/c or furnace filter
  • Clip children's nails
  • Spend time working on basement/attic or storage space
When you complete one of the chores, you just check it off and it moves to the bottom of the list (there is also an option to delete it).  You can add chores, delete ones that don't pertain to you, and change the days some things appear.  You can also color-code the chores, which I did for a few of them as I mentioned in the list above, but the chore list was more for me and not the kids, although you can sync them to other devices and other family members could use it.

It may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but don't let that discourage you.  I didn't do every chore every day, but to have it on a schedule like this helps a lot.  I just had to remind myself that I don't have to do everything, and just cleaning the AC filter was more than I did yesterday.  And if I did miss something, it will come up again in a few weeks.

I found the app easy to use, but you will need to devote some time to playing around with it, and setting things to your preferences.

For $1.99 you can download this app and get started right away, each additional month is $0.99 or $7.99 for the year.  Or for $8 you can download the ebook (in full or half-sized pages).

Motivated Moms ReviewI did struggle a bit to remember to check it throughout the day, and I am thinking of downloading the ebook and seeing if that would work better for me than using my phone.  After a few weeks of using the app I found out that you can email the list to yourself and then print off the to-do list.  I make daily to-do lists and love crossing things off, and although with the app you can check things off, old habits die hard, and  I just like that pen and paper.  I read through a few posts of ladies who reviewed the ebook and have the paper format, and I think I'm going to try that route.  I also like that with the paper format you could see a week at a time.  

That's the beauty of these reviews.  You can read up and learn about the product before you buy.

I really loved Motivated Moms and am looking forward to using it more.

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