Monday, February 17, 2014

Spirit Week ~ My Favourite Missionary

Last week the Baptist Missionary Women Blog hosted spirit week for homeschoolers around the world.  It was fun to see everyone's pictures.  One day is was dress up like your favourite missionary.  I think my favourite missionary is Darlene Rose. 

The morning that this was the day's theme, we were looking through our Bali scrapbook, and came across the above photo of my good friend, Kristine, who is a missionary in Indonesia.  She's a wonderful, godly lady, and I really couldn't ask for a better friend.  We met nearly 5 years ago when she was a pastor's wife at one of the churches we were visiting on deputation.  A little while after that the Lord called their family to Indonesia.  They resigned their church and left for deputation and have been in Indonesia for a year and a half now.  Last year we met them in Bali and spent a wonderful week with them.

So, when I saw this photo I knew it was the one we needed to recreate.  I think Autumn did a pretty good job.  I laugh every time I see this photo.  And by the way, I had permission from both of them to post this photo!

If you're interested in seeing a round-up of photos and other bloggers who joined in on Spirit Week, click here.