Monday, February 10, 2014

My Life Via Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful app.  Sadly though I rarely take photos with my good camera. 
Anyway, here are some photos from last week...

I finally got around to hanging some pictures in our new (to us) home.  My grandparents had one like this hanging in their home, so I found it on ebay a few years back.  It's one of my favorites.

Autumn enjoys cooking.  I let her cook as much as possible, but she does make a big mess in the kitchen!  She likes to pretend she's on one of those cooking shows, she forgets they have a cleaning crew come in after them.  Last week she made these little chicken pot pies.  They were really good.

We have made a regular Skype date with her best friend in America, Katie.  She looks forward to Tuesday mornings!

Cody has started going to scouts.  His age group is called 'Joeys'.  He really enjoyed it, and Patrick is looking forward to the camping and hiking trips they have coming up.

We have gotten a lot of rain this wet season.  I love it!  This is the Katherine River.  The water level hit 13 meters last week.  In the dry season, I'm told the water level is around 4 meters.

Well, that's all for now.  If you would like to follow me on Instagram you can find me by searching - thebauerfamily.

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