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KinderBach ~ TOS Crew Review

Kinderbach Review

We had our first review for Schoolhouse Review Crew!  We reviewed The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher CornerThis is a great, affordable online program for music theory and beginner piano lessons.  I used the program with Cody (he just turned 6).  To be honest at first, I thought he might not enjoy it, or that it may be a bit "babyish" for him, but he really enjoys it. 

These were Cody's first piano lessons.  KinderBach is for children ages 3-7.  I would say that's the perfect ages for this.  It would be great for your pre-schooler or kindergartner.

KinderBach is a great introduction to the piano/keyboard.  It taught Cody familiarity of the piano,  the numbering of his fingers for playing the piano, he learned the difference between the high notes and low notes, he learned how to clap for timing, and much more.  I'm excited to continue using KinderBach and seeing how far he goes.

Here is how we used KinderBach.  We go to www.kinderbach.com (click here for a free trial) and sign in.  In the beginning I printed off the free activity and colouring pages that go along with the lessons, so we were prepared.  There are 4 lessons (videos) each week.  Some weeks we did more than the 4 lessons, as the videos are not too long, we haven't had any over 5 minutes, most are 2-3 minutes.  Some days we reviewed the previous lessons (not because we needed to learn it better, but because Cody wanted to!).   There are lesson plans to help the parent.  They don't require a lot of prep, which is great!  After signing in, we find the week and lesson we are on and watch the videos, and do a worksheet if one goes with the lesson.  It's quite simple, yet lots of fun.

What do you need to use the program?  A computer with good internet (there are also apps you can use instead of a computer), a piano or even small keyboard, crayons or markers, and a printer.

We have only used my laptop for the lessons, but I plan to download the app on our iPad and continue the lessons on there.  This will allow Cody to review lessons when I'm not around, since he's not allowed on my laptop by himself.

We really enjoyed using KinderBach.  Their website says (and I've heard this from other sources) that the best time to learn a language or begin playing a musical instrument is between the ages of 3 and 6.

Although I do play the piano, you do not need a musical background to teach this program to your child. 

The program consists of 10 weeks worth of lessons (4 lessons each week).  The videos are short, and like I mentioned earlier somedays we would do several lessons at a time.  There are even certificates for each level completed!

My two little complaints, maybe it's just me, but the music was often louder than Ms. Karri's singing and I had a hard time making out the words, but maybe I'm getting old!  Also, the video quality when small was great, but when we enlarged it to fit the screen it would be a tad blurry.

Kinderbach Review

There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  There is a special, limited time offer of $95.88/year, that comes to $7.99 a month.  When we were living in Darwin, I was getting piano lessons for my daughter and they cost $15/half hour.  So this program is a bargain!  With this price you get online access to over 240 sessions, over 22 instructional hours (through computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, Android Tablet), you also have access to download the activity pages, as well as access to the Teachers Corner, and access to download story books, coloring pages, and song books. 

So, all in all, I highly recommend this program for young children.  I do plan to continue using it with Cody through the end of our review period, and if all continues as well as it has we will purchase the 1 year subscription.

To learn more about KinderBach, here are their social media links:
Facebook for Teachers:  www.facebook.com/classroomkinderbach
Twitter: @KinderBach

We were given a free 6 months of full access to the website in exchange for my honest review.

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