Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just Another Sunday...

Even though we have moved to Katherine, we still have our church in Darwin.  So every Sunday morning we get up early and drive 3 hours to Darwin.  We are in our rainy season, which makes for an eventful ride.  Our drive is pretty much one straight rode, the Stuart Highway.  They are working on parts of this road, which made for a little bit of a slip and slide.

 We've been running around 30ish people on a Sunday morning.  We have a great group of people coming out, and I'm thankful for each of them.  I normally have about 13 kids in my class, as you can see they can be a handful!!
We are praying for a pastor to come take over this church, as we would like to put 100% of our time into working with the Indigenous.  Would you pray with us.
After church, we grab a quick lunch, sometimes a family from church invites us over or we grab fast food.  Then we drive the 3 hours back to Katherine for church down there.  We have about 10 families coming there.  They have a pastor who is in America still waiting for his visa, we know what that feels like!  Please pray for his visa to be approved and him to arrive in God's timing.  We are also outgrowing the rooms we use for church, and are currently looking for a new location. 
As you can see our Sundays are full, but we praise God for the great opportunities He has given us to serve along with other believers.

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