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 photo ST-new-lg_zps196ba746.jpgI was recently approved to be on the Schoolhouse Review Crew!  I am so excited about this opportunity.  I was given a great website for my first review (, and I want to share that with you today.  I was given a membership and have spent much time browsing through the website, and have marked many pages to go back and read again.   
I am a fan of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, which is it's parent company, but have somehow missed this website.  As a homeschooling mom in the middle of nowhere (literally), this website is going to be a great asset to our homeschooling curriculum this year. is an online homeschooling resource like nothing I have ever seen before.  There is something for every age and grade, including those with special needs.

When I first clicked on the website, this link caught my eye:
 photo schoolhousedailies_zps9ba017fe.jpg
I clicked on that, and found a long list of Daily Unit Studies.  I am intrigued by the Everyday Explorers - Australia and New Zealand.  I have been wanting to do a study on Australia with my kids, and this looks perfect!  I have bookmarked it, and plan to review it over school holidays to use for our next school year.  I love it when most of the work is done for me! 
I also found they have a Home Economics class.  This is something I had planned to make up on my own for my children (yes, I plan to do that with my daughter AND son!).  I have also bookmarked this course and plan to review it and use it for our next school year.  The lessons that I looked through were wonderful.  I love all the Scripture verses, and how it teaches the children to do things with the right attitude and look for ways to serve your family.  Something many adults need to learn, too!
Another course I wanted to share with you is their Photography Course.  Anyone that follows my blog knows I love photography!  I really enjoyed looking through the lessons for this course.  Photography is something my daughter is getting interested in, and something I want to encourage.  So, I plan to do this course with her next year.  It will be fun to learn together, and we have a whole new town to explore together with our cameras!
Oh, and I almost forgot!  They have some great school planners.  They have pages for Bible study notes, to keep track of books you are reading, chore charts, field trip planning, report cards, to-do lists, menu planning, and so much more!   I'm always trying to find a good homeschool planner, and I think this may be the one that finally works!  There are over 800 pages!  I'm sure I'll find something that works for us.
Although I have shared a few electives that I have chosen to use next year, there is also lessons for Math, English, History, Science, Music and much more.

I have spent quite a bit of time on and feel I have only scratched the surface.  There is a wealth of information at  If you are a homeschooling family, I'd encourage you to take a look around the website and get an idea of what is on there. 
There is a great wealth of information on this website, so don't be overwhelmed.  Here are a few great places to start:
So, how do you get access to this great are offering a great special for the month of December.  Purchase a yearly membership for $139 and you will receive a FREE copy of the 2014 print edition of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine (US only and when it is released) AND you receive a free 1-year membership to give to a friend!  I do think it is quite pricey, BUT if used it is well worth it.  If you have a friend interested you could split the cost with this great buy one get one free deal.  If you can't afford to pay that amount all at once, they also have a payment plan where you pay $3 for the first month, and $12.95 every month thereafter.  This price isn't per child, it's per family!  So, whether you have one child or ten, it's all included.
The membership includes all the lessons (with teachers available to help), the Schoolhouse planners (several to chose from), free monthly eBooks, membership to (a homeschooling record keeping service), and so much more!
I did receive one free year, and am excited to explore this website and make great use of it in the coming year. 

(For those reading this review and don't know me, I am a homeschooling mum in Australia, and our school year goes from the end of January through mid-December, with several breaks in between.  This is why I mentioned I will be reviewing these courses over school holidays, because our next school year starts in just a few weeks!)
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Betsy de Cruz said...

As another homeschooling mother "out in the middle of nowhere," as you say, I'm going to check this out too. :-)

Unknown said...

The planners are amazing. :)

Heather said...

How nice that you won't need to plan a Home Economics course of your own! I write a lot of our lesson plans out, too, so it's always nice when something ends up being available- offering a bit of a rest from it. :-)

We have the photography course on our list for next year, too.


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