Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Family's First Trip Overseas - Part 6 (Grand Finale)

So, you know when you go to see fireworks they do a grand finale?  Well, here's one with lots of instagram pictures that were taken all throughout the time my family was here.  Enjoy.
When they first arrived.
I love my daddy!
Jet lag
Our first meal together.
All crammed in one car together,
thankful to friends for lending us their SUV.
Love my brother!
Buster found a new friend.
Hot chocolate date with my brother.
Dad drove!
This makes me smile.
My little brother teaching my Sunday School.
Father's day in Australia.
How blessed I was to spend it with my dad.
Saying good-bye.  :'(  Lots of tears on the car ride home.
I am so thankful my family braved the airplane for the first time in their lives and flew all the way to Australia to visit us.  We had a wonderful time and made lots of new memories together.  God is good!
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