Saturday, May 18, 2013

He Lost His First Tooth!

This kid has been wanting to lose a tooth for a long time!  On our anniversary (May 15th), I ran up to the store and wasn't even gone for an hour, when I came home to them running out of the house wanting to show me what I missed!  I was so disappointed to miss it, but he was so excited.  We only noticed it was loose the day before, so I was expecting it to take a little longer.
Someone on facebook asked if the tooth fairy visited our house.  I said where there is a mom, there is a tooth fairy!   He was actually a bit nervous going to bed and wondering about the tooth fairy (he can be very shy!).  I whispered in his ear and told him that mommy was the tooth fairy.  He quickly went to sleep and was so excited to wake up to a $2 coin under his pillow.  (Australia has $1 and $2 coins.)
It makes me a bit sad that he's getting older.  He is such a sweet kid.  Always giving hugs and kisses.  If only someone could figure out how to freeze time.  It just keeps going faster and faster.

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Chris and Carole said...

When you find the secret to freezing time please pass it on!

Mom (and sometimes Dad) is the tooth fairy here too, and although everyone knows it we all pretend we don't! LOL