Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Care Package from a Supporting Church = Encouragement!

Nothing encourages a missionary family more than a care package from 'home'.  In April we were missionaries of the month for Grace Baptist Church in Louisburg, NC.  I have an entire scrapbook devoted to Camp Grace, a week-long, mission-focused camp that we helped at one summer a few years ago.  What great memories!
We were quite surprised to receive a large box in the mail from this gracious church.  Shipping to Australia is very expensive.  But what a blessing and encouragement it was to get this package.  It was filled with goodies for my kids and also for my Sunday School class.  But more than that it was filled with love and a reminder that we're still in their prayers...and not forgotten.
Deputation is a time where missionaries get quite spoiled.  We are put on a pedal stool, so to speak.  We were treated like royalty all throughout deputation.  If you're not careful, you may start to think you're pretty special, but deep down we know that it is ALL God.  Deputation is a great motivation for the field.  You share your burden over and over, you feel loved and well supported.
Then you get to the field.
Letter come often in the beginning, but they soon stagger off.  Not that we are forgotten, but, hey, people do have to live their lives, too.  
Please know, I'm not complaining!  We still get letters regularly.  I'm just saying that sometimes you can start feeling a bit lonely.
All this to say, we are grateful for our family, friends, and supporting churches.  We know we are loved and prayed for, so this was an extra blessing!

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Anonymous said...

I got one today! Such a blessing! So many of our favorite things! Tacos tonight! Can you tell I'm excited?