Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good-bye Google Reader

I still have a few more posts lined up of our vacation, but today as I was reading some of my favorite blogs through google reader, there was a pop-up saying that Google Reader will soon be no more.  I remember awhile back when Bloglines shut down, it's hard switching to a new blog reader.  I'm trying out two of  them - Bloglovin and Feedly.  They both will automatically move everything from your Google Reader over to their feed, so long as you do it before Google Reader shuts down.  Here is a link to follow my blog through Bloglovin...

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Do you use another reader?  I'd be interested in hearing if there are any more similar to Google Reader.   I know some prefer to receive new posts through emails, but I like having them all in one place.  I guess we could go back to the old way, and save them in our favorites.   Ah, the good ole days.


Larissa said...

I only use Google Reader on my phone (AppGReader). When on the computer I generally use my Blogger Dashboard, though I have signed up for Bloglovin just in case :) ... I may not be able to get to BS on Monday - will be pulling an all-nighter tomorrow to finish off an assignment so I'll be needing a really early night. Sorry! I have the vid. session though, so I'll be able to catch up there, but I will need to get last week's off you next time I go. Could you guys add a prayer for me for my voice to completely return? It went while I was away, and still hasn't come back yet :( .. Have a great week!!

Betsy de Cruz said...

Thanks for the heads up!