Friday, February 15, 2013

Homeschool Co-op

There are many homeschool families in our area.  In fact, since we started this co-op, we are finding more and more!  This week we had over 35 kids!  We have a former art teacher who is teaching art classes, and wow, is she good and the kids really love it!  We take a break for lunch, then we do science together.  We are all doing Apolgia's Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day during the week, then at the co-op we review the lesson and do some of the experiments.  This photo is of Autumn giving a short report on extinct birds in Australia.  I really enjoy getting together with other homeschooling families, and letting my kids learn along side others.

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Jenilee said...

I miss the days when we got together with other homeschool families to learn and share together. Good for you for getting something going for your kids!