Wednesday, January 2, 2013

100 Pound Loser {Book Review}


Jessica from Muthering Heights recently wrote an eBook called 100 Pound Loser: How I Ate What I Wanted, Had Four Babies, & Finally Took Control of My Weight...And You Can Too!  (Yeah, that's a pun inteded!).
She offered bloggers a free copy in exchange for a review.  One of my New  Year's Goals is to lose weight.  I always have this goal, but life gets in the way and I put it aside.  Back in August and September I was doing so well, then with my trip to America and the holidays, well, I need to get back on track.
I was excited about this book because I was hoping it was the motivation I needed...and it was!  I like that she wasn't tiny her whole life and put on 10 pounds and lost it.  No, she seriously had a weight issue, and she took control of it and lost over 100 pounds.  It is possible!
I like what she says in the beginning...
  • "I wrote this because I am just like you."
  • "I wrote this because I've been where you are."
  • "I wrote this because I've done it."
  • "I want you to know you are not alone."
The book is a quick read and for $4.99 you must go buy it!  There is no profound revelation, there is no secret pill, there is no get skinny quick scheme.  What you will find is the truth, encouragement, advice, and a bit of God's Word from someone who has been there, done that.
So, if you've made a goal to lose weight and get healthy this year, then please go buy this book.  Oh, and if you wouldn't mind, please use this link - Click here to visit Jessica Heights. Thanks!
*Disclaimer - I was offered one free copy of the book in exchange for this review, but the post is my own thoughts, not something asked of me to write.  I really did find this book helpful and go buy it.  :)

Click here to visit Jessica Heights.

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Renata said...

Yours is the second review I've read about this book & it looks great! I'll have to click across & have a look!
I hope you have a very Happy New Year ~ love that you skype with your family for Christmas ~ skype sure makes people feel closer ( although doesn't take away the missing them feeling)!
Have fun