Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Trip to America - Part 6 - Around the Carnival Pride

Because of Hurricane Sandy all the top decks were closed.
No mini-golf, not sitting on the deck, no pools, etc.
We were stuck indoors on a cruise.
I think we explored every inch of that ship! 
Loved this room!
We played every triva game...
dad even made it on stage (that's him in the red shirt and hat).
I even used the eliptical at the gymn.
Here is Nichole playing Jenga.
I won and got a trophy !
Of course, it's not that fair when you're playing on a rocky ship!
Looking up from the third floor to the 10th.
Bored, trying to decide what to do next.
The 9th floor.  Quite windy up here!
This was the top deck, they opened as we were coming to port in Baltimore.
It was so windy you could barely stand up.  This is me and my brother, Josh.
The top decks were very windy. 
This was our waitress Rosetta, she took great care of us.
Every evening at 8:15 we had our "fancy" dinner.
Keeping an eye on the hurricane!
They updates us every morning and every evening.
One of my favorite pics from the cruise.
I have many, many more photos, but I don't want to bore you though!  We did have a great time on the cruise dispite the hurricane and not going to the Bahamas.  It was great to spend time with my family.  I'll have another post with pics from my last few days in America sometime next week.

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