Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Trip to America - Part 1 - My flights

I have made it safely home from my trip to America.  I was gone for 18 days and am one of the few people that can say, "I survived Hurricane Sandy twice!"  I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to visit my family and friends, and hope to document it here for myself and anyone else that's interested.  I also have a blog post swirling in my head about my feelings on "going home" and "coming back home".  Where is home to the missionary?  But for now, let me tell you about the first part of my trip.
I left Darwin, Australia, on Wednesday, 17 October, at 12:40am.  I flew to Sydney where I got to see the sunrise while waiting to get off the plane.
I had a 9 hour layover in Sydney, so I decided to be brave and take the train to the Sydney Harbor and see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.  Some kind people at the airport told me it was easy to get to and to come back to the airport.  I paid the $30something train ticket and it took me straight to the harbor.  I walked out of the train station and was at the harbor!

I had breakfast overlooking the harbor.  It was wonderful.
Then I watched a Carnival Cruise Ship come into the harbor.
Which was fun, because I was going back to America to go on a cruise with my family!
I made it from the airport to the harbor in about 25 minutes, but I accidentally got on the wrong train, and it was 30 minutes  before I figured it out!  Oops!  No worries though, I had plenty of time.  I just got off that train and got on the right one, and was back at the airport in no time.  Little did I know that I would have a five hour delay, as well!
I had a nine hour layover, then a five our delay,
so not only did I see the sun rise in Sydney,
but also saw the sun set in Sydney.
Because of the five hour delay, I missed my connecting flight to Philly from San Francisco.  So instead of arriving at 10pm on Wednesday, I arrived at 7am on Thursday.  I'm so thankful for my friend, Julie, who graciously woke up her 5 kids very early to drive to Philly to pick me up!
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