Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Migraines are no fun and they completely interfere with your life.  If you suffer from migraines you know what I mean.  Normally I get one migraine every month.  It took me many years to figure this out, but my migraines coincide with my time of the month (sorry dad and brothers if you're reading this!).  I finally figured out when they were coming and most time able to ease the pain if I took Excedrin for migraines on the first day of my cycle (again, sorry men).
I recently heard that Excedrin Migraine was voluntarily pulled from the shelves.  So sad, but I did hear they are planning to put them back on the shelves in October.  That doesn't help me now though.
I ran out of Excedrin Migraine last month.  I didn't think much of it until yesterday morning when I woke up with a migraine.  When I get a migraine, I'm out of commission for at least a day if not longer.  Problem was I had a lunch date with a friend.  I managed to take what pain relievers I did have and went to lunch, but as soon as I got home the migraine was in full force. 
I had it all yesterday and most of today.  It's finally easing up.  I went to the chemist (ie for drugstore here in Australia).  I told them what I wanted and they gave me some meds with codeine.  I'm a little leary of it, but I took one instead of the two it instructed.  So, I'm not sure if the migraine is going away because I've had it for nearly 36 hours or if those meds helped.  Either way, I'm hoping Excedrin is able to restock their shelves when I go back in October so I can bring back a supply with me!
Here are some things I do to help relieve the pain...
  • Take Excedrin Migraine with a caffeinated beverage (preferably Pepsi)
  • Rest in a dark room (close all blinds turn off all lights)
  • No reading
  • Wrap my head in a pillow
  • Massage my neck
  • Sleep
Again, the only thing that I have found that will relieve my migraine quickly is Excedrin Migraine.  Those other things are what I do to lesson the pain.
Do you get migraines?  What do you do to help?


Rachel said...

Yes, I get migraines like that. However, I have not figured out what sets mine off. I would LOVE to know.
I used to use Excedrin for Migraine, but I noticed when I took those I could not sleep that night. So even though it helped, I'd be up all night and exhausted the next day. My dad does use it though and it is the only thing that helps him.
I do the other things you mentioned (lay down in a dark, quiet room, have my kids or husband massage my neck, lay very still and try to rest)

I hope EM is available for you to stock up on your trip to the states!

Larissa said...

Oh yes, I get migraines, though thankfully only a handful over the course of a *normal* year :) ... I have never heard of or seen Excedrin, but I do always a packet of both "Nurofen plus" & "Nurofen migraine relief" which always seem to do the job for me. If it is *that time of the month* when you get them, there is also a "period pain" line that Nurofen has (yes, I'm a big fan of the brand, lol) which I find helpful ... I am usually going through half a box each month, so I know it's effective, as Miss Scarlet always brings pain with her when she visits. ... Hoping you find something that helps you while you're here :)

Theresa said...

I am sorry to hear about your migraine. My friends were saying that Walmart carries a version of Excedrin Migraine that works. Not sure if that helps you there though.
I had a bad one yesterday. I have to lay in a dark, cold room and try either heat or ice on my neck. I used to take Excedrin and drink a cola from the soda fountain but now the caffeine bothers me. I don't know what it is but the soda fountain really makes a difference. Thankfully they pass :)

Tess said...

oh boy! Me too! Mine monstly come from the excessive time I am on a computer and my help comes from my chiropractor. There are times I get them before I can get to the office so I sleep with an icepack under my neck and take a pain reliever that has a nonsteroid anti-inflamatory drug ibuprofen. I won't tell you how many I take because my chiropractor gives me specific orders.
Good luck!

Kim said...

I find Panadine Forte works wonders and a foot rub mainly working on the inside arches helps ease the pain. My chiropractor is a blessing as too is Coke and a Mars Bar. Hope you find a remedy that works for you.