Saturday, August 11, 2012

25 Random Things

  1. I hate having my photo taken.
  2. But refuse to have a bad photo for facebook.
  3. This was taken on Sunday evening after a long day.
  4. Therefore it's not my favorite, but will work.
  5. I'm letting my hair grow out.
  6. This is the longest it has ever been in my entire life (at least that I remember).
  7. My daughter is growing hers out as well.
  8. We will probably donate it to locks of love in another year.
  9. Yesterday I discovered my daughter has lice.  Did I mention her hair is very long?
  10. Yuk!  After 3 hours of cleaning and combing I think we got them!
  11. It is a perfect 78F here today.
  12. It's been like this almost everyday for the past three months.
  13. In another few weeks the build up will start.
  14. This means very hot and very humid.
  15. I will not venture out much, not many people do.
  16. In October I'm going back to Pennsylvania for two weeks.
  17. I get to spend three days at a ladies retreat with one of my dearest friends.
  18. I get to spend 8 days on a cruise to the Bahamas with my dad, bonus mom, brothers, and nephew.
  19. I've never met my nephew.  :'(
  20. I hope to visit some other friends as well.
  21. I've never been away from my family for more than three nights.
  22. Let alone fly alone to the other side of the world and be gone for 16 days!
  23. I'm excited and nervous and excited.
  24. I miss my family like crazy.
  25. But feel this is the most content and happy I have ever been.
  26. God is good.

Oops that was 26.  Oh well.  Enjoy.


Unknown said...

Glad you have a chance to come "home"! Hope you have a wonderful time. The cruise sounds exciting!

Tiffany said...

This was really cute Jen.

Linda said...

Wow! 78 degrees everyday for about 3 months!!! That's fantastic.

It is a bit cooler today. 83degrees right now here in Kansas. But it has been scorching hot this summer! So many days well over 100 degrees. I am looking forward to Fall.

That is a good picture of you. You are a lovely lady! (:>)

Enjoy your trip.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits