Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A New Phase in our Life

This past Sunday we began a new phase in our ministry, our life, really.  The pastor (and his family) that started Gateway Baptist Church returned to the states last week for a 13-month furlough. 

Our first Sunday went really well, and I'm so excited to see what the Lord has in store for our church.  (Can you believe I didn't take my camera?!!)

We meet at the Charles Darwin University every Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  We normally hold our church services in one of the classrooms, but this past Sunday another group was booked to use the classrooms, so we were moved to the lecture hall.  It sounds big, and although it can hold 75 people, it's a nice size room.  Everyone commented how it looked more like church and asked that we start using that room for church.  So, I called yesterday and arranged to start holding our services in the lecture hall.

I'm pretty sure this was all from God.  He knew that our first Sunday as official Pastor and Pastor's wife we would be in this new room.  I think the change was good for the people, to adjust to a change in leadership and all that goes with it.

We had a family visit that is looking for a new church.  Patrick and I actually met them a few months ago when our library was doing the science program during the January school break.  They homeschool their kids as well.

We have some exciting things planned in the next few months, one being a church picnic.  We wanted to have an activity where people could invite their friends and family who wouldn't normally come to church, but will come for free food.  Please be in prayer for this event.


This new phase in our life has got me thinking a lot about prayer, and I've noticed I've been doing a lot more of it.  This is a huge responsibility the Lord has given us and I do not ever want to take it for granted. I am in constant prayer for each of the service, for each person in our church, and especially for my husband. I pray for him as he prepares his sermons, as he is visiting with church family, as he is preaching, etc.  I pray for myself that I will be kind, considerate of others, sensitive to people's need, and a testimony to all those around me.

Prayer is so important.  It is our direct line to God, the Creator of the Universe!  What an awesome thought, that the Creator of this incredible universe, this tiny little world he put into motion, would care about me and my family, and the people of the Northern Territory of Australia!

I do not want to disappoint Him.

So that is why I have been doing a lot of praying.  I want Him in total control of this ministry.

Patrick and I have been discussing our desires for the church.  He said the thought that keeps going through his mind is "everything with purpose".  We want everything in the service to have purpose.  Have you ever thought about why we pass an offering plate, or why we sit at this song and stand on this song, or even why we sing certain songs?  We want to make sure it has purpose and that it's not just tradition.

So, with everything we do, we try to do it with purpose.  We want the service to direct people's hearts to worship God and bring Him honor and glory.

We would so appreciate your prayers as we take on this incredible ministry here in the NT.


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