Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Missionary Monday - Groceries

For Missionary Monday over at the Baptist Missionary Women Blog,
we are comparing grocery prices and our grocery stores.
Here are some of the prices in Darwin, Northern Territory.
Prices are a bit higher than in other parts of Australia.

McDonalds, or Maccas, as they call it.

Our two main grocery stores are Coles and Woolworths.
I prefer Woolworths, mainly because things are almost always in stock,
but Coles is cleaner and brighter.
Soda is crazy expensive.  About $3 for a 2 liter.

This is for one sleeve of oreo cookies,
sometimes they go on sale a bit cheaper for $1.

Ice cream - I think Turkey Hill sold these for 2/$6.

Milk is ok priced.  $3 for 3 liters.

Processed food isn't very big here, the freezer section is barely one aisle.
What they do have though is expensive!

Sugary cereals...how I miss you!

Candy bars, also expenisve.
Occaisionally Snickers and KitKat will go on sale for $1.

Some other prices that I didn't get photos of...
Bananas - $3.98/kilo = approx. $2/lb
Beef - $7/kilo = aprrox. $3.50/lb
Chicken breasts - $10.90/kilo = $5.50/lb
Eggs - $4-5 dozen
Lunch meat - ham - $15-18/kilo = approx $7-$9/lb
Lunch meat - turkey - $25/kilo = approx $12.50/lb

Shampoo - $5 or so a bottle
Gas (petrol) $1.55/liter = about $6.20/gallon

Check out the blog for more groceries from around the world!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to share our prices here in S. Africa but we are preparing to go into Mozambique so I didn't get it all together. Your prices there are comparative to here.

Joyful said...

I'm enjoying reading these posts from the different missionaries around the world. It seems that ice cream, milk and beef are reasonably priced but most everything else is quite expensive. I know Darwin is off the beaten path for many Australians so I imagine your prices are also higher given the high cost of transporting food from other parts of the country to where you live.

Renata said...

Hi Jen
Your prices sound similar to down here. We only buy sugary cereal as a treat for school holidays & then only one packet (which my kids have just polished off in the last 2 mornings). Your beef is definitely cheaper than here, but that would be because the NT is a huge beef producer. I think most things except are about the same across the country.
Have fun

Garry Wesner said...

Hey Mrs. Jen, love the comparisons from around the world - how does the dollar in Australia compare to the US dollar?

A lot of us in the States don't realize that many missionaries live in areas where the prices are not only much higher, but their money isn't worth as much!

Appreciate ya'll as you continue the work God has given you and will keep you in our prayers.