Monday, May 28, 2012

Missionary Monday ~ Laundry

We've been in Australia for 6 months now.  We've gone six months without a dryer during the wet season.  I should be deemed superwomen.  Actually it hasn't been so bad.  It just takes a bit longer to hang up all our laundry, and be cautious to have it down before it rains.  That can sometimes be hard to do.  Many times the rain came and I had no warning.

Recently a friend mentioned their dryer was broken and they were just going to get rid of it.  Patrick mention he might be able to fix it, so they told him he could have it.  A few days later they dropped it off.  We plugged it in and it worked!  Although it's a small dryer and I'll probably only use it for the iron free clothing and the towels, I'm thankful to have it.


Mothering From Scratch said...

{Kathy}OK...this gives laundry a whole new perspective. Trying to beat rainfall sounds like a feat in and of itself. Thank you for reminding me to embrace my dryer on a daily basis.

Bill and Tammy Brouwer said...

We have an OLD dryer and I lovingly call it my "fluff machine." It won't dry a load of wet clothes, but I like to put my clothes in there after I take them off the line to fluff up. It only take 10 minutes and I, for the most part, don't have to iron, and my husband can enjoy his jeans without them being crunchy! Glad the Lord provided you with a dryer. Enjoy it!