Wednesday, May 16, 2012

13 Years and Counting!

So much has happened in 13 years.
Thought I'd give a general no particular order.

  • 7 homes
  • 4 countries visited (US, Canda, Japan, Australia)
  • 2 countries lived in (US and Australia)
  • Patrick graduated Bible college ('04)
  • I graduated Bible college ('06)
  • Had 2 children
  • 6 trips across the United States
  • Lived on an Indian reservation
  • Owned approximately 10 vehicles
  • Raised 3 foster children for 3 years
  • Found out I have an older brother
  • Both our parents got divorced
  • My dad remarried
  • Spent 2.5 years traveling to churches presenting our ministry
  • Went to Disney World
  • Met some of my closest friends
  • Was hit by a drunk driver and all walked away with just a few bruises
  • Visited the Grand Canyon
  • Saw Niagara Falls
  • Saw the ocean on each coast
  • My brother enlisted in the Army Reserves and spent a {very long} year in Iraq
  • Seen God's love, mercy, grace, and faithfulness over and over and over again.

Patrick, it's been an amazing journey, thanks for bringing me along.


Ashley Justice said...

Wow, that's quite a journey! It has been very nice to "meet" you! I pray you celebrate many more milestones together!

Jolene said...

What a fun list! I really like this idea and may "borrow" it for our anniversary coming up in June, if you don't mind.

Happy 13 years together!!!

Garry Wesner said...

Congratulations on 13 years, you guys! Praise God for the way He has used you both to bring honor and glory to His name.