Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tour our Home

As promised, here is the beginning tour of our home.

Our home has a nice fence around it.
Closer view of the front. 
Back veranda. 
Left side. 
Right side. 
Our back yard is a tropical paradise.  We have lots of flowers, which I'll share in another post.


Jolene said...

LOVE your tropical paradise! I haven't even seen all of your backyard, but just from these pictures, I am drooling! (Don't get that greenery here in Ukraine!)

Looking forward to more...

Renata said...

I love veranda's like that! How I miss them from our home up in Qld. Down here it's a little cooler & people don't do as much outdoor entertaining, but we still intend to build a deck on one day (must be the Qlders in us ;)
Enjoy your new home ~ it certainly should be safe ~ that is some fence!