Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tour of My Home - Part 3

My Kitchen!

As many of you know, I had purchased items for my kitchen years ago and never used them.  I stored them in Rubbermaid bins, and patiently waited to use them when we got to Australia.  For at least 5 years those items sat in storage, from my Rachael Ray pots and pans to all the little Pampered Chef gadgets.  I had a very small kitchen, so I wouldn't have had the room for all of it anyway.  It's been so much fun unpacking all my kitchen goodies, and finally putting them to good use!  God has blessed me with a big, beautiful kitchen.  I really love it, and it makes me want to cook.  So, welcome to my kitchen...and yes, I've used up just about every inch of space in my cupboards!
My view while I do dishes...
actually, I have a dishwasher now!
God is so good to me! 
My pantry!!  I love it!
I store my vacuum and some school supplies on the floor.
The next shelf (from the bottom) holds
all our homeschool supplies
(which starts next week). 
Those top four cupboards above the pantry and fridge
hold all our Christmas and fall decorations.
This little space holds some of my cookbooks,
and the cat is a reminder of our cat back in the states,
Marmalade (thanks, Dad and Wanda!). 
When you rent a home in Australia, it is required that it have a stove, that's it.  One of the huge blessings of this home was that it not only came with a stove, but it also came with a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, AND a chest freezer.  Those are things that we will have to buy down the road, but for now, it's been a huge blessing.  God is good!

Now, I need to go clean the bedrooms so I can post pictures of those rooms!


Patty said...

If there is a room to get excited about its the kitchen. I remember when you went Rachel Ray cookware crazy because it was orange. I'm so happy for you! You have counters.

Sally Stensaas said...

Beautiful! I love all of your storage.