Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 Days!

In less than 10 days our family will be boarding a plane headed for Australia, with a 5 day stop in Japan.

I have so much to think about, my mind is overloaded.  I keep forgetting simple things, like my credit card at Red Robin last night and my 40% off coupon for Christopher and Banks.

This week I need to go through all of our clothing and see if I can get everything into three large suitcases and 4 carry-ons.  Thankfully my son has grown and is going onto the next size so I will be able to get rid of some things, the bad news to that is I already purchased the next size for him but its on a boat headed to Australia as I write this. 

Next week I will need to call our phone company, cell phone company, car insurance, health insurance, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting to cancel everything.  I also need to clean our almost empty home.  Anyone want to come help clean?!  My husband asked of facebook if anyone wanted to come help him finish up so projects, he said he pays in pizza and hugs.  I can do the same.

Quick question for you all.  Any great plane traveling tips for children you can offer?  I plan to buy them each some new things to do on the plane, but I'm sure we'll run out of ideas.  We fly from Harrisburg on November 17th to Detroit, from Detroit to Nagoya, Japan where we will stay 5 days.  Then fly from Nagoya, Japan on November 22nd to Tokoyo, Japan to Cairns, Australia, to Darwin, Australia on November 23rd where we will probably collapse.

We also had a huge blessing the other day.  Our first full day in Australia will be November 24th, Thanksgiving.  In Australia we have heard that a 15lb turkey could cost around $80!  I was kind of bummed that we may not have the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I was okay with that.  Sunday night our missionary friend sent us an email and said that a man in the church offered to buy a turkey, if he was invited to Thanksgiving dinner!  How great is our God that He gives us the desires of our heart before we even think to come ask Him!


Chris and Carole said...

Jen, how special that you will have Thanksgiving turkey! God does care about every detail of our lives!

Praying for you during this stressful and emotional time!

When we flew each child had a back-pack full of new goodies that they hadn't seen yet. Many airlines have games and movies at each seat, some of them are child friendly :-) Do you have an IPOD? You could download games, educational activities, etc... and let them play that for a while. Personally, at the ages of your kids I think they'll do fine! My kids love plane travel and were fascinated with everything the first time we flew. They do get bored on long flights to have a few things to do when the boredom hits.

Take some snacks! You may have to buy them after you go through security but I'd definitely take several munchies for the kids.

Just sit back and enjoy this journey into the beginning of the rest of your life! :-)

Chris and Carole said...

Don't forget journals! Cody could draw pictures, etc... If I were you I'd give them each one to record this momentous occasion!

Be Thou Exalted said...

Thanks, Carole! I did buy them each a new journal, and I bought one for myself too. I love that you wrote the beginning of the rest of our lives, because that is exactly the way I feel!

Jolene said...

Our trick on plane travel is to have new things to offer the kids... but not all at one time. We give them surprises sporadically, so that they don't see everything new all at one time and then bore of them at the same time. Every few hours, pull out something new and the trip stays exciting!

Happy traveling!!!

López Family said...

Praying for you and your family during this very exciting time!