Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

We're leaving Florida early this morning and headed home to Pennsylvania. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, but I am soooooooo dreading the drive home. Being on deputation you'd think I was used to traveling, but honestly its getting old. Here are a few of my traveling tips.
  • Pack snacks and drinks
  • Portable DVD player - a must
  • Leapster - another must
  • Batteries for the Leapster
  • Magazines (sometimes books are good, but with kids there are too many interruptions, so magazines are nice. I brought along my latest Rachael Ray magazine for this trip.)
  • I buy a new toy, coloring book, or something fun for Autumn before we leave, when it gets boring in the car, I pull out the new toy or Leapster game!
  • And don't forget Patch the Pirate!!

Just a tip for the DVD player... we rented from Redbox today (in Florida), we can return them to our Redbox at our local grocery store (in Pennsylvania). Another fun thing is to buy a box set of a tv series. We bought The Office Season 1 and 2 (thanks Laura for getting us hooked!!). We're not bored of it yet. Plus it helps the hours to go by faster. That's what Works for Me.

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