Friday, January 10, 2014

It Comes With the Territory...

Saying good-bye to good friends, that's part of life in the Northern Territory (excuse the pun in the title).  Darwin is a very transient city.  Many people are there for work or just traveling through on holidays.   You will find a good number of true Territorians though, and they definitely stand apart from the rest.  But I have made many friends who are just there for work (especially military) and move within a year or two.  My friend Fiona is one of them.  She started attending our Bible Study shortly after it started, and within a few months opened her home for us to continue the Bible study, this also made it easier for her to attend as she has three little ones.  Many Monday nights you'd find her and I talking at her doorstep late into the night after Bible study was over.  We became fast friends.  She watched my kids, and I'd watch hers.  I moved to Katherine about a month ago, so I guess I left her first.  This past week they left Darwin and began their move south, but first they had a stopover at our house.  Although most of her family ended up very sick (not because of my cooking, mind you!), I'm glad we got to fit in one more visit.  The one good thing about everyone moving is having friends all over Australia.  Hopefully one day, we will be able to do a trip around the country and will be able to visit all these friends.

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