Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Missionary Monday

 This has been quite a weekend.  My emotions seemed to be everywhere (I can blame this partly on pms, right?).  The kids have been either really well behaved or complete terrors.  Saturday night I posted on facebook that it was a quiet Saturday and we were about to sit down to a nice meal.  Well, that was the calm before the storm.  Autumn wanted soda, so I told her to wait for supper.  You'd have thought I told her no soda for a year.  Well, she lost soda for a week because of complaining.  Shortly after Cody had a meltdown, can't quite remember why.  I had him sit on his bed until he was finished.  I went in to check on him and he was fast asleep.  He woke up about 30 minutes later even more crankier, so I made him lay back down.  Well, he was out for the rest of the night (although he woke up around 6:30 the next morning).  I was in tears at supper, feeling quite overwhelmed.  I don't mean to complain here, but I haven't had any kind of break since we got here in Ganado.  I have been with the chidlren 24/7.  I love my kids and never want to take them for granted, but this momma needs a break every now and again.  My husband has been trying to plan some time out, but sitters are few and far between out here.  He did ask the pastor's daughter to babysit today, so if all goes well we will be leaving her shortly for an afternoon/evening out!  Praise the Lord!  This photo is of my kids playing Mary Poppins the other day.  Autumn is, of course, Mary Poppins and Cody is Bert...like the hat?!

Below are photos of a dog we kind of adopted.  Actually he adopted us.  He showed up a few days ago and won't leave.  There are dogs everywhere here on the rez. The roam around freely (along with the cows, sheep, and horses).  The problem is if you feed and water the dog, he tells his friends and then suddenly you have a whole pack of dogs on your front porch with their tongues hanging out and tails a'waggin'.  We did give him some water yesterday.  Autumn loves him.  We often leave the front door open, so he slowly makes his way in the house.  He'll start with just his paws and the tip of his nose, then he'll put his head in, then inch a little closer, before you know it he's walking around like he owns the place!  He's a nice distraction for the kids though.  Autumn named him Winn-Dixie from the movie. 

So, there's a little taste of our life lately.  I recently started a group on facebook for missionary moms.  If you're an independent, Baptist missionary lady who'd like to join, look us up and ask for an invite.  There are lots of lovely ladies on there encouraging and praying for one another.  One of the beautys of facebook.


kim said...

aw i love the dog, and the name!! :)

Faith, Family, Simplicity said...

Hey Jen...thinking of you:) I've had a few of those days myself. Everyone needs a break.

BlondieChell said...

i've soooooooo had days like this-now that hubby works 50 hrs a week or more, he needs his "alone time" too.... I guess it doesn't help that i help my friend (who has 4 kids) babysit-we're just constantly surrounded by little ones!