Sunday, July 3, 2011

Health Exams

So the final stage of our vi*sa has been completed - our health exams.  I was so nervous about them.  The doctor was a Christian and he was wonderful.  He has done many of these so he knew what to do and we were in and out of his office in no time.  The next day we had some lab work done.  The nurse was good and it only took one poke for them to draw blood.

We are only waiting on our FBI clearances.  As soon as we get them we will send them off to imm*igration and we're all done.  Then we just wait for approval.  We have heard from others that were applying that after their health exams they were approved three weeks later.  We are cautiously optimistic.

We are here on the Navajo Nation until August then we will head back home.  My husband's childhood friend is getting married in October, so we're kind of planning that that would be our last big event. 

Keep praying that all the paperwork will get to the right places, and that in God's perfect timing all will go through! 

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