Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas?

I'm helping to plan a baby shower...for a church nursery.  The nursery is in need of a makeover.  The toys are old and broken.  The walls need painted (actually we have plans to tear (tare?) down the walls and put up new dry wall and paint a mural).

I saw the idea of doing a baby shower for a church nursery awhile back while visiting another church.  What an awesome idea to get some new things for one of the most forgotton ministries of the church - the nursery.

I've made a sign up sheet with a list of items and toys that we need for the nursery.  We are looking to buy a new toy box and a book display.  I would like the ladies to bring the gifts wrapped, then we're going to play a fun game with them, then hopefully everyone will get to open a gift for the nursery.

We are planning to hold the baby shower May 6.  I'm looking for unique baby shower ideas - games/decorations/etc.

I would appreciate some advice!

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