Thursday, March 17, 2011

Salton City, California

One day while working in Arizona we decided to take a family day and go do some sight-seeing.  We went to Salvation Mountain, Slab City, and Salton City.  Today I will share some photos from Salton City.  You can read more about Salton City here.  It seems that developers had high hopes for this place.  Many homes and businesses were built, but the level of  salinity started killing off the fish and other animals.  Which, of course, caused a horrid smell (which still lingers, trust me).

They built a levy which my husband decided to check out and we saw this...
Apparently there was some flooding... 
The sign says "Tomatoes". 
The Salton Sea is 376 square mile (we drove around all of it).
Some parts are pretty... 
...and some, well... 
My husband had heard of beaches of fish skeletons.  We stopped at this one beach and he and Autumn walked down to the shore.  At first it looked like crusted seashells, but upon further investigation they found it was fish bones.  Yep.  Gross.  (I stayed in the car with Cody, by the way.) 
More dead fish. 
Imagine the smell. 

I decided to check out the excitement.  I got as far as this dead bird and got back into the car. 
It's an incredible place though.  It was interesting to drive through empty developments.  They paved the roads and even had road signs.  Some homes were built but I assume no one purchased them.  I checked online and you can buy a 3 bedroom home for as little as $50,000.  Property without a home is as low as $10,000.  I guess the bonus is no neighbors.

There were people living in  some of the towns.  I think I read the poplulation of Salton City was around 950.  Looking at the website it looks as if they are trying to revitalize the area.  If you're interested you can go here for more info.

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