Friday, March 25, 2011

My CrockPot...

If you look at this picture closely you will see about a bazillion cracks.  I'm not sure what to do.  This is one of those problems that comes with waiting.  If I knew we'd had been here this long I would've gotten a new corckpot.  Maybe I should've asked for one for Christmas. 

Today I'm in the spring cleaning mood, although they're calling for snow this weekend.  Since I've decided to clean all day, I thought something in the crockpot would be good so I didn't have to stop to cook.  That's what's great about the crockpot, you just throw it all in and it cooks for you.

Anyway, I fear the day that my crockpot officially cracks.  Will it be when there is something delicious in it?  Or will it be in the sink while I'm washing it?  Or maybe when it's safely stored in my cupboard?  I like the last option, but I'm sure it's unlikely to happen! 

So, my delimma is do I just hold out and keep using this crockpot, or do I just suck it up and go buy a new one?!  We'll probably be in Arizona all summer, so it would be something nice to have out there for those hot days when we don't want to use the stove.  Why didn't I just buy a new one last year?!

This is the first year we're getting a tax return in about 5 years.  So, I think I'll just treat myself to a new crockpot.  I think I just made a decision!  Thanks for your help!

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Anna said...

I would probably get a new one. I would be afraid it would decide it had it, with something inside. :/