Friday, January 21, 2011

On The Road...Again...

As most of you know, we do a lot of traveling.  We have finished deputation and are currently waiting on our visas.  This has been a long road for us, but we know it's God's will and are waiting for Him and His perfect timing.  We recently had to change sponsors, which means we also will not be working where we initially thought we would be working.  The area where we plan to start working in is a bit more expensive to live in, so while we wait we have decided to raise a bit more support.

We are traveling to Arizona in February, so we'll be crossing most of the country.  We're looking to stop in a few churches along the way to present our ministry.  If your church is along the way, and you think they'd be interested, please contact us.

We also just sent out our latest newsletter.  If you haven't received it and would like a copy please let us know.  It goes into more detail about our current situation.  I don't like to post too much on my blog about it.

Please continue to keep our visa situation in your prayers, as well as our support.  We know it's all God's money anyway, and He will provide.

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