Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pioneer Woman - Penne Alla Betsy

The next Pioneer Woman Cookbook recipe on my list to make was Penne Alla Betsy (pages 188-190). I must first say that I do not like shrimp and didn't even try it (sorry!), but my family did enjoy it (my husband even had a bowl for a late night snack). Here is most of the ingredients and my Pioneer Woman Cookbook.
To me the smell of shrimp is gross and to touch it is even more gross!By the way this was the first time I have ever bought real garlic and chopped it. See, I am improving on my cooking skills! And here is the final result...
I love my corning serving bowls.
I got these from Good-will for about $2.

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Sue said...

I love that bowl...very vintage! :) and the penne looks amazing!! I might have to look into getting it...I have a thing for cookbooks.