Monday, August 2, 2010

Pioneer Woman - Flat Apple Pie

I loved the movie Julie & Julia. Last year I decided I wanted to be a better cook. With that I bought some new cookbooks and started searching the internet for cooking instruction videos. I didn't help my mom in the kitchen much, and therefore didn't know how to do some of the most basic things.

My best dishes were/are lasagna and pot roast (made in the crockpot). We've been traveling so much so I haven't had much time in the kitchen. I think we'll be home for most of August, so I decided to cook through the majority of the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook. Kind of a Julie & Julia kind of think, except in our case it would be Ree & Jen (doesn't have the same ring to it though).

I've already cooked several things from the cookbook, but I'm going to just pick recipes at random and try them. The first was the Flat Apple Pie (pages 216-217).
I've made apple pies before so this wasn't too difficult. I thought I'd add a quick pic to show you what my little guy was doing while I was making the pie - watching Disney Cars (for the billionth time).
It smelt so yummy!
Here's the dough. I always struggle with dough.
But I'm learning.
Here's another picture of my little guy.
Too cute!
Some dough success!
Autumn got to play with the extra dough.
She calls this Queen of the Hearts.
My Applie Pie.
I had a little trouble with my dough, so I decided to cut shapes out of it. Can you can see the xoxo and hearts? My husband said this was the best apple pie he's had in awhile. I made some notes as to what to do different next time. This was an easy recipe, a bit time consuming, but what pie isn't, unless you cheat and buy already prepared dough, but what's the fun in that?

I can't find this recipe on her website, but it's on pages 216-217 in her book. Go buy it, or loan it from the library!

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