Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adventure Park USA - 2 Thumbs Up!

Last night I went along on a teen outing at my dad's church. They went to Adventure Park USA. I'm a big fan of Hershey Park, but Hershey Park is about 2 hours away. Adventure Park is only 45 minutes. I believe it may be owned by a Christian, there was Christian music playing around the park and in the bathrooms.

We paid $20 and had unlimited access to the rides (except for the gokarts, which you got 2 rides). It was a fun night, and I'll definitely be back!

Here is my dad being the safe bus driver...on the phone.
My cutie!!
Wanda and Cody
Like I said on facebook, this is the guys trying to get the truckers to honk,
not them showing off their muscles.
I seldom get good shots of her.
I like this one.
I think we're in trouble in a few years!
Dad and Wanda minature golfing with the grandkids.
My little man.
Josh, a serious go-kart driver.
Autumn loved driving her own car.
Can you believe my stepmom had the nerve to pass me?!!
Me and my little guy!
Hands must go up on roller coasters!
A group shot.
If you're looking for a fun evening in the Frederick, MD area I HIGHLY recommend Adventure Park USA.

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