Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yard Sale...Is it really worth it?

I had a yard sale yesterday and today. Yesterday I made $50 and today I made $25. I always wonder if yard sales are really worth it? Hauling all the junk out, setting it up, pricing it, packing up what didn't sell, sending it to Good-will, etc. I think of it this way - I got rid of junk, made $75 (to probably buy more junk), and spent some time with family - so, in a sense it's worth it. But I'd much rather go to yard sales then have one!


*Crystal* said...

HAHA! I agree! I'm planning mine for next month!

Shonda said...

I gave up yard sales a few years ago (having one that is). It took much more work and I think I hauled more things to Good will.

Rob said...

We are having one this month but that is only because we are donating the proceeds to the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. I am not to into yard sales but my wife Melinda is.