Monday, April 26, 2010

He's Home!

My brother, Jason, got in Saturday evening. He was away training for his deployment to Iraq. He'll be home for 2 weeks and then deployed. It's a bitter/sweet thing. I am so sad that we only have 2 weeks with him, but I'm also very proud of him.
If I dwell on it too much I cry. So I'll be brief. We are planning to move to Australia this summer, Lord willing. Which means we'll probably not see him until we come home on furlough. That makes me sad. I am very close with my dad and brothers. I know without a doubt that God wants us in Australia, but I will miss my family. One thing that helps me get through the sadness is knowing that my family have all accepted Christ as their Savior and after this life not only do I get to spend eternity with my Lord, but I'll also get to spend it with my family!
God is good.


Lucy said...

Im sad to hear about your brother having to go but on the otherhand Im thankful that he is willing to fight for our country. Our family appreciates the military since we live in a military town.

In regards to Australia, wow. I would be very excited to explore the country with my kids. I wouldnt want to live there but its a place that I have always wanted to go. I hope you have a safe journey.

Stopping by from UBP

Rob said...

It is really cool you get to see your brother but stinks that it is only for 2 weeks. That is awesome that your brother is going to serve his county. Tell him thank you. I admire people like your brother who are willing to sacrifice for their country. Also, good luck with your move to Austraila.